Sales Prediction Demo

In-depth understanding of customers’ behavior is key to successful and sustainable growth in any retail business. Gazing into endless figures on spreadsheets leads to nowhere while simple charts are inadequate. Marketing managers and directors need to be empowered by tools that help them gain insight into sales performance and customer preferences without getting their hands dirty in complex statistics and awkward, time-consuming manipulation in Excel. Our easy-to-use Plot (next tab) uses realistic data sample adapted from fashion retail database to allow marketing managers gain multiple perspectives of Item sales for a period they can specify. It is compatible with a wide range of data sources from comma separated values (CSV) to Oracle. It can also work with Cloud E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and any platform that provides external APIs. Under the hood, the App was developed with R, one of the most powerful programming languages available. R is portable and compatible with all popular platforms currently available (Windows, Mac OS and Linux).

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